Andarin S4 dosage

Andarine, otherwise known as S4, is the most known Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, or SARM. If you don’t know what a SARM is, that is usual. SARMs are a less-known group of compounds that act on male hormone (or androgen) receptors in the human body to bring about a range of effects similar to steroids.

However, I wish to state here that SARMs are not steroids. This is an important point that many people mistake. Whereas steroids work by bombarding receptors in the body to produce a lot of male characteristics such as more muscle, SARMs target only specific receptors. They will only bring about the effect they are designed to do. Also, SARMs do not aromatize (or break down into) hormones like estrogen, the major culprit of steroid side effects.

For this reason, SARMs are much safer and have very few side effects, which have made them very popular among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It is worth a mention that SARMs were developed in medical research to tackle medical conditions like muscle atrophy (wasting) and sarcopenia (loss of muscle and bone density due to aging. In this case, S4 was developed by GTx labs to fight sarcopenia.

What are the Benefits of Andarine S4

Andarine is one of the more powerful SARMs in use and can produce effects that are very similar to steroids. It is mostly known for its quick action to cause massive bulking.

What we know about SARMs is mostly from the anecdotal evidence of long term users. There is also some published research that concludes that S4 is one of the most promising SARMs, but it is unclear why it was discontinued. Either way, S4 is one of the best SARMs for massive results. Benefits of S4 include:


  1. S4 is the best in terms of bioavailability. This means that once taken orally, almost all of it enters into circulation and is available for use by the body. This is important as it means that you only need to take a smaller dose and are assured of maximum effects.
  2. Fast action. Andarine works very quickly once in the body, and you can usually expect significant results by the fourth week of an S4 cycle.
  • Massive bulking.
  1. Low suppression. S4 at low doses causes very little suppression, especially when you don’t stack it with another SARM. This means that you may not even need to do a Post Cycle Therapy for S4.

Adraine S4 results

Andarine S4 Dosage

Andarine is a very versatile SARM, and because of its lack of major side effects, it gives you more leeway to try out different doses. However, it has long been shown that the maximum dosage per day should be about 50mg per day. Past this, the risk of side effects increases significantly.

The recommended dosage for S4 is 20mg daily. This may seem to some like a small dose, but due to its power, you can expect that it will deliver amazing results. Most people prefer this dosage because it delivers superb results and keeps side effects very low. The half-life of Andarine S4 is estimated at 36-40 hours, so that means that one dose per day is more than enough. If you wish, you can make it one every two days.

When you’re just starting your cycle, its best to start at that dosage. As you progress, you can then increase gradually by 5mg until you reach your peak dosage. This should ideally be 30mg, but if you prefer to go further, just keep it below 50mg.

When stacking, always use 20mg S4 daily to balance the other SARMs you stack it with.

Andarine Results You Can Expect

Due to its benefits, S4 has a lot of positive effects. Assuming that your dosage peaks out at 30mg over a typical cycle of 8 weeks, here’s what you can expect.

Within two weeks of using S4, you can expect to be feeling much stronger. Even if by this time you may not see any physical change, you will be feeling much stronger and will be breaking all your personal records at the gym to prove it. This is due to the growth of internal muscle groups.

By the fourth week of using Andarine, you will start seeing a physical change. It may not look much, but even then you will notice just how good S4 is. Some people like to compare it to anabolic steroids in terms of effectiveness. It works this well due to its high bioavailability.

By the 8th week, you will definitely see a significant increase in your muscle mass. The good thing is, even at that point, you will not be experiencing major side effects like fluid retention or major testosterone suppression.

Some people have reported gaining 7 pounds of lean muscle in two cycles of S4, which is very good for a SARM.

Ostarine Vs Andarine

Ostarine or MK-2866 is another very popular SARM used mainly for cutting and recomping. They were developed by the same company for the same reason, but they have a few differences.

One major difference between Ostarine and Andarine is their strength. Ostarine is mild in action, whereas Andarine is quite powerful. Another difference lies in the benefits. Ostarine is used mainly for cutting fat, while Andarine is used for bulking. Otherwise, they are both excellent SARMs with almost no side effects, and this makes people want to stack them to achieve both results.

Andarine effects

How to Stack Andarine

Andarine can be stacked with other SARMs to achieve better results.

  • For recomping, you can stack Andarine S4 with Ostarine (MK-2866). Recomping refers to cutting fat while gaining some lean muscle, and you can now see why this is a good match. For this stack, you can take 20mg Andarine and 20mg Ostarine daily over an 8 week cycle.
  • For intense bulking, you can stack Andarine with Ligandrol (LGD-4033). Ligandrol is another SARM used mainly for bulking and recomping, and this stack is very powerful when it comes to bulking. You can take 20mg Andarine with 5-10mg Ligandrol every day.

When stacking, it is important to remember that you will be looking at the cumulative dosage, not at each in turn. This is why you should stick to the lower limits of each to minimize side effects.

Where to Buy Andarine S4

Like all other SARMs, it is imperative that you get and use only pure S4. Andarine laced with hormones and other substances can be very harmful and increase side effects significantly.

Many sources claim to sell pure S4, but you need to do your due diligence and ensure that this can be backed by third parties. Always buy from a reputable source to protect yourself from potential health hazards.